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Mathematics notes algebra,trigonometry,calculas

Mathematics notes

Mathematics notes provided by online teachers include almost all content related to mathematics. There are three portion for these mathematics first portion is about the algebra and content related to algebra. The second portion is of trigonometry and content related to trigonometry  The third portion is calculus and content related to calculus. These notes include chapter wise content of mathematics.

Mathematics notes algebra

Mathematics notes for algebra portion

Mathematics notes for algebra portion include content about the number system(Rational and irrational ,complex numbers or Imaginary numbers),Functions and Groups, Matrices and determinant  Quadratic Equation , Partial fraction, Sequence and series, Probability , combination, permutation ,Mathematical Inductions and Binomial Theorem.

Mathematics notesMathematics notes for trigonometry portion

Mathematics notes for trigonometry portion include content about the Fundamentals of Trigonometry,Trigonometric Identities Sum and Difference of Angles,Application of Trigonometry,Inverse Trigonometric Functions,Solution of Trigonometric Equations.

Mathematics notes for calculus portion

Mathematics notesMathematics notes for calculus portion include content about the Functions and Limits,Differentiation,Integration,linear inequalities and linear programming(like Coordination system, distance formula , Ratio formula , Translation and rotations axes. Then we feather discuss the equations of straight lines, slop of the line etc),conics section(like circle, elips , parabola and about the hyperbola etc ),vectors(like introduction of vectors then introduction of vector space , scalar product of two vectors, vector product of two vectors, scalar triple product of vectors etc). 

 The detail of algebra, trigonometry is in the mathematics notes for class 11.
 The detail of Calculus is in the mathematics notes for class 12.


These notes are specially for  class 11 and of class 12 (Intermediate level) standard. Mathematics notes covers all syllabus of Fsc pre engineering part 1 and Fsc pre engineering of part 2. It is also for F.A part 1 and F.A part 2 with mathematics subject. And for intermediate with computer science (ICS) part 1 and for Intermediate with computer science (ICS) part 2. These notes cover all chapter of first year student and for the second year student.


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