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Fsc stands for in education or Fsc means

 Fsc stands for in education

Today i am going to show you that fsc means or fsc stands for in education. There are many wrong concepts are present about the abbreviation of fsc like as some people called it first step in science, foundation of science etc but actually fsc means or fsc stands for in education is faculty of science. In Pakistan and in India fsc is a intermediate level education.

Fsc stands for in education
In Pakistan there are two branches of Fsc. The first one is called the fsc pre engineering or faculty of science in pre engineering and the second branch of fsc is fsc pre medical or faculty of science in pre medical.
And the one thing i want to show that in fsc pre engineering and fsc pre medical have almost same subject like physics , chemistry , English etc but the difference is only of one subject that is fsc pre medical student study the subject named as Biology and fsc pre engineering students study the subject named as Mathematics.I hope you people have understood the scenario of Fsc stands for in education or fsc means.
Please don't read further thanks of all. In Pakistan there are two divisions of Fsc. The first one is known as the fsc pre technological innovation or staff of technology in pre technological innovation and the second division of fsc is fsc pre healthcare or staff of technology in pre healthcare.
And the one factor i want to demonstrate that in fsc pre technological innovation and fsc pre healthcare have almost same topic like science , chemical make up , British etc but the distinction is only of one topic that is fsc pre healthcare undergraduate research the topic known as as Chemistry and fsc pre technological innovation learners research the topic known as as Arithmetic.I wish you people have recognized the situation of Fsc stands for in education or fsc means.


  1. Aslam o alakum I have allot of data of fsc pre engineering including physics,chemistry,mathematics
    etc please comment if you need

    1. sir fsc krne k bad kon kon c job mil sakti hai

    2. Sir! Fsc math/chem k lia mrks kitny hny chea n whis is more easier????

    3. Sir,
      I am student of M.Sc Statistics.
      And now I have a thesis work and my topic is "Concept of F.Sc Student" As you said that you have a Lot of data on F.Sc Pre engineering.
      will you help me on my thesis work to provide your data on my Email:
      Waiting your positive reply...

  2. sir i want physics solved mcqs if u have physics solved mcqs so kindly post it or send me via mail...

  3. salam sir i really want please send me @

  4. Assalam-u-Alikum, Respected Sir, It would be very kind of you If you send it to me on or

  5. my dream is jion Pakistan Airforce
    I want to do my Study. i am poor But not uneducated
    Salam Sir If u send me fsc all information and i will try for fsc degree send at

  6. Assalam-O-Alikum, I just wanna to know that if a person who completed His/Her matric In "Arts" (Humanities Group) can do FSC or not??? Kindly reply me as soon as possible. Thank You

  7. I am a new student of the Fsc part 1 pre engineering
    I need a help please Send me the assessment of 2014 Fsc part 1

  8. A.O.A what is means of FSC.BSC.MSC

  9. can anybody tell me stands for plzz



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